About Us

About Us



Integrated Networks mission is to provide holiday and travel arrangements for people who want to spend their vacations with a complete peace of mind, with the assurance that they won't encounter any barriers and/or difficulties in relation to their functional impairment.

We aim to promote the elimination of the "barriers" that prevent people with poor functional status from staying in places other than their usual place of residence. To this end, we make available networks of services offering information, accommodation (in terms of accessibility, usability, etc.), continuity of care and assistance appropriate to the individual and collective health conditions.

We identify solutions for improving people's quality of life by promoting the development and coordination of solidarity networks.

We contribute to the construction of a "network" of people, institutions, organizations, based on professionalism and solidarity with regard to diversity, as well as on transparency, fairness and reliability of conduct along with the willingness to sacrifice some of the self-interest for the sake of common goals.


  Nicolas Vanier